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School of Arts & Science

Welcome to the School of Arts & Sciences at AURAK, where creativity and intellectual exploration thrive. Our diverse range of disciplines offers students a well-rounded and holistic educational experience. Through a dynamic curriculum, cutting-edge facilities, and a faculty of subject matter experts, we foster critical thinking, creativity, and a deep understanding of the world. The School of Arts & Sciences is dedicated to shaping the future of arts, sciences, and humanities through innovation and academic excellence.

Dean's Message

1-Hariclea Zengos

The School of Arts and Sciences at AURAK offers a diverse range of academic programs to prepare students for success in their future careers. The largest academic unit at the university, Arts and Sciences, provides a solid foundation for students in other disciplines and colleges. The School's internationally recognized faculty members promote intellectual discovery and a lifelong love of learning and offer cutting-edge instruction to students. The learning environment is designed to provide direct access to faculty on an individual level, ensuring students receive personalized attention and guidance.

The undergraduate programs in Biotechnology and Mass Communication, and the graduate program in Master of Education: Educational Leadership, provide students with solid language and communication skills, excellent critical and problem-solving abilities, and a firm ethical foundation. Additionally, the mandatory General Education Program ensures that students are well-rounded and prepared for success in today's world. Opportunities for internships enable students to gain hands-on training and develop their skills and contacts, further enhancing their prospects for success.

As the Dean of AURAK's School of Arts and Sciences, my colleagues and I are committed to offering our students a fulfilling university career and bright prospects for their future as graduates. With experienced teachers and renowned scholars, a wide range of academic possibilities, and a proven track record of success, students can be confident in their preparation for their future careers.

Prof. Hariclea Zengos
Dean - School of Arts & Sciences

The School also administers the General Education Program, a requirement for all AURAK students.

At AURAK, every bachelor's degree requires specific courses called the General Education Program. These courses are designed to give students the basic knowledge to think critically, analyze information, and solve problems effectively. The aim is to create informed, capable, and forward-thinking citizens. All the General Education Program courses are at the university level and focus on hands-on learning. Specifically, this program helps students apply their knowledge to real-life situations, improving their critical thinking, communication, teamwork, math skills, and personal and social responsibility. Although it's not a separate degree program, all undergraduate students must complete the General Education requirements and other academic courses.

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For all programs and courses offered by the School of Arts and Sciences, the advisory council provides crucial advice on priorities, directions of research, and service of faculty and students. The advisory council provides valuable support to the school in its development and achievement of its mission and vision. The council further assists the school in promoting it to potential students, employers, legislative leaders, governmental agencies, and business and industry. The council advises the school on educational trends, school development, capital campaigns, employment opportunities, research opportunities, budgets, enrollment, offering of degree programs, and other related topics.

Members of the council also provide support throughout the year for many of the school’s specific initiatives and programs.

  • Dr. Abdul Majid Al Khaja – Advisor for Medical Education and Scientific Research, Dubai Health Authority (Chair)
  • Dr. Khalid Al Khaja – Phd in English Language
  • Dr. Naser Hasan Al Ashab – Acting Principal, Applied Technology High School System
  • Dr. Fatema Al Alkeem Al Zaabi – Junior Medical Technician School Health, Ministry of Health and Prevention – Ras Ai Khaimah
  • Mr. Graham Bale – Executive Principal, RAK Academy
  • Ms. Nicole Haynes – Principal/CEO, GEMS Westminster School – RAK
  • Ms. Anubha Nijhawan – Principal, Indian Public High School
  • Mr. Ibrahim Gohar – Legal Advisor of RAK Chamber
  • Mr. Mohsen Rashid – Senior Media Consultant, RAK Chamber
  • Mr. Steven McCombe – Head of Media Relations and Editorial, RAK Media Office
Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023

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