There is a continuous need to improve teaching and learning in schools around the globe. The education sector is dynamic and iterative: it is consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of our respective societies and industries. Successfully leading and growing educational institutions in dynamic environments requires specialized knowledge and skills. AURAK's master’s degree in Educational Leadership is designed to do just that. The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership prepare teachers, teacher-leaders, and school administrators with the tools they need to advance their careers leadership roles and lead positive change in education.

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership provides specialized knowledge in leadership, resource management, organizational change, group dynamics, and data-driven decision-making to equip current and future leaders with the tools they need to drive positive change in a rapidly changing landscape. This is further enhanced by the program’s focus on research. Our research focus guides M.Ed. students to conduct and disseminate real world research to benefit our collective understanding of the challenges and solutions in the real world of education.

Our faculty members are highly skilled teachers, successfully educational leaders, and experienced researchers who bring their real-world experience to the classroom. This real-life experience from industry enables professors to provide more meaningful, hands-on learning opportunities for M.Ed. students, ensuring they have exposure to the latest trends and best practices in education.

With an AURAK Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, you will be prepared to take leadership roles in various fields. Graduates of our M.Ed. program are well suited to become school administrators, educational consultants, education policy developers, educational researchers, career counselors, and/or corporate trainers. Indeed, our program is designed to meet your needs, and international standards. It is accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Education, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to enter the job market and contribute to positive change in their industries.

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Last Updated: 24 Nov 2023
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