Residential Halls

Residential Halls


When you live in the UAE, you can choose from housing options ranging from high-rise apartments to villas within gated complexes and townhouses. Rent also varies depending on the type of accommodation you  select.

Living in Ras Al Khaimah is less expensive compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and finding suitable accommodation for your budget is easy.

On- Campus Accommodation

Our residential halls at AURAK are managed by the university and provide you with a comfortable and safe living environment that is conducive to your academic and social aspirations. 

During your stay at our on-campus residences, you will meet students from across the world, get to know cultures and traditions different from yours, and develop new life-long friendships.

The residential hall rooms are fully equipped, safe & secure, and budget-friendly while offering a hotel-like experience. For your convenience, male and female rooms are separated, and students can choose between shared or single occupancy rooms based on their budget.

For more information about our on-campus accommodation, contact our Student Residential Life Department at +971 7 2269967 / +971 7 2269968

Rental Charges

To secure a room, all residents are required to pay the rental charges for the upcoming session as indicated on the Fee Advice Slip they receive. It is important to note that residents who have not paid the rental charges will not be permitted to occupy a room.

Rental charges are applicable for three sessions throughout the year: Summer, Spring, and Fall. The Fall session spans from September to December, the Spring session covers January to June, and the Summer session encompasses July to August. Residential hall space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis so reserve your room as early as possible.

Details Rental
Sharing Occupancy: Small Studio – per person, per semester, inclusive of rental and utility charges* AED 5,500/-
Sharing Occupancy: Large Studio – per person, per semester, inclusive of rental and utilities charges* AED 6,500/-
Single Occupancy: Small Studio – per semester, inclusive of rental and utility charges* AED 10,000/-
Single Occupancy: Large Studio – per semester, inclusive of rental and utility charges* AED 11,000/-
Refundable Security Deposit   – per person AED 2,000/-

Details Rental
Sharing Occupancy Small Studio – per person, per month, inclusive of rental and utilities charges*.  AED 1,400/-
Sharing Occupancy Large Studio – per person, per month, inclusive of rental and utilities charges*. AED 1,600/-
Single Occupancy Small Studio – per month, inclusive of rental and utilities charges*. AED 2,200/-
Single Occupancy Large Studio – per month, inclusive of rental and utilities charges*. AED 2,400/-

Note: 5% VAT will be applicable.

Refund Policy

Once the Resident pays the rental charges, he/she can withdraw from occupying the accommodation in the Residential Halls. 10% of the total residential hall room fee will be deducted for cancellation before or at the start of the semester (Fall Semester starts on 1 September, and Spring Semester starts at 1 January). If the resident reserves or stays up to fifteen days from the start of the semester and decides to leave or cancel the occupancy, he/she will be eligible to get a 50% refund only of the residential hall room fees. Thereafter, the rental charges will not be refunded. However, the security deposit will be refunded after the student has checked-out of the room and returned it to the university in the same condition as when the student checked into the room.

If any resident is dismissed from the residential halls during a session (semester), no refund will be provided for the remaining period of the semester.

In the event a resident is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons by his/her institution, the resident shall vacate the residential hall with immediate effect. In such an event, where the dismissal is by the student’s institution, for reasons outside the purview of the Student Residential Life Department, no refund of the rental charges will be issued.

Last Updated: 09 Feb 2024

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